new party.

SAM NY is working locally, starting in villages, towns and counties across all regions of New York to build an inclusive party that emphasizes results over rhetoric.

We are putting partisanship aside and listening to residents to address the everyday problems we face and building solutions without pitting one part of the state against another.

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Political Reform

Fix The Culture Of Corruption

Economic Growth

Revitalize The New York State Economy

Tax Reform

Address New York’s High Cost Of Living

Education Reform

Improve Outcomes For New York’s Students

Healthcare Reform

Create Accountability And Reduce The Costs Of Healthcare

About SAM NY

SAM is New York’s newest officially recognized political party. We are looking to refresh a democracy that has been spoiled by the major parties by engaging New Yorkers around the problems we face and the solutions that will work.

We don’t just talk about a more inclusive and deliberative democracy. We live it.