A Message from SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe

June 3, 2020

Dear SAM Member:

Greetings from the SAM Party of New York. Most important, I hope you and your family are safe. These are trying, unprecedented times.  The pandemic and coronavirus have challenged all of us in different ways.  We will persevere over time.  Be safe and healthy!

Now, as a nation we must address the justifiable outrage and protests relating to the death of George Floyd, the continued racist attacks against the black and minority communities and the structural inequities in our institutional systems.  Our country clearly needs new, bold leadership to debate and address these issues.

At SAM-NY, we believe political reform can lead to these necessary changes.  We must start locally and work our way up to real reform in all layers of government.  President Obama acknowledged that recently in his thoughtful remarks on changes needed in our country.

The current system of top down politics used by the Republican and Democratic parties has failed New Yorkers.  To address many institutional inequities that put the black community and minorities at a disadvantage each and every day we must develop policies to implement and promote, among other things, the following:

Equal access to educational opportunity,

Equal access to jobs and earning opportunities,

Equal opportunity to participate in the political system, and

Equal treatment by law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Change does not come easy for those who live privileged, comfortable lives.  To be clear, SAM-NY does not condone the disruptive, damaging and destructive behaviors we see on social media and television. We do, however, recognize that peaceful protest is lawful, warranted and necessary.  We understand the frustration of many that our systems and governments have failed them.

Margaret Mead said: Never depend on governments or institutions to solve any major problems.  All social change comes from the passion of individuals.

Join us in continuing to advocate for real change.  Be passionate and solve problems!

Yours in service,

Michael Volpe