Assemblyman Kevin Byrne Supports SAM-NY Principles in Re-Election Bid

As we head into the final days of election 2020, SAM-NY recognizes democratic and republican elected officials and candidates who sought out and accepted our party line. One candidate who sought our line and continues to support SAM’s principles is Assemblyman Kevin Byrne.

Byrne is seeking re-election in the 94th Assembly District, which includes parts of Norther Westchester and Putnam County. This year Byrne is running on five ballot lines, which shows how he has made an effort to work with a variety of stakeholders and represent all his constituents

SAM-NY Party chair Michael Volpe said, “The SAM Party of NY sought out candidates to run this November who will fight against Albany’s culture of corruption and advocate for choice and transparency in health care and education.  Assemblyman Kevin Byrne is running on the SAM Party line November 3, and we are proud to endorse him for re-election. He has promoted New York’s economic growth and has not wasted time with the petty political infighting that is damaging to our democracy.”

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne said, “I thank the parties and their membership for their support. I am honored to have their backing for re-election. Since the beginning of my time in the state Assembly, I have sought to pass legislation that protects New Yorkers, supports responsible economic development and reduces the tax burden. I have advocated for law enforcement, first responders, health care workers, teachers, and all those that work hard to keep our state strong. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of the 94th Assembly District.”

Earlier this year, Byrne expressed his support for the SAM Party, and every minor political party, to continue to exist in New York State. Byrne opposed a measure to force minor NY political parties to run a candidate for President and receive 120,000 votes in order to maintain their ballot status.

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