Politico and NY Daily News Coverage of SAM-NY Federal Court Appeal of Ballot Access Law

On Tuesday, Dec. 15, a Federal appeals court heard arguments by the SAM Party of NY over New York State’s ballot access law. Politico reporter Bill Mahoney, and the NY Daily News Editorial Board wrote about the arguments before Judges Robert Sack, Michael Park and Steven Menashi.

“A challenge to the state’s new vote requirements for political parties was heard in a federal appellate court on Tuesday, as the SAM Party — one of the four that lost its official status in November — argued for its right to continue to operate without getting involved in presidential politics. “It’s a very important case,” former Pelham mayor Michael Volpe, the party’s 2018 lieutenant governor nominee and its current state chair, said after the arguments. “Not being forced to associate with one of the major presidential candidates or the major political parties to maintain ballot status, we believe is a fundamental right that minor parties have and that New York state has taken that right away,” writes Mahoney, in his story titled, SAM Party continues fight against ballot access changes, which can be found online at https://subscriber.politicopro.com/states/new-york/city-hall/story/2020/12/15/sam-party-continues-fight-against-ballot-access-changes-1346845.

The Daily News Editorial Board continues to write in support of minor parties with an editorial published on Dec. 16, titled Party poopers: Save New York’s small parties

“The case Tuesday before the Manhattan federal Court of Appeals got to the constitutional question for which there is only one answer: Can New York State force political parties to endorse candidates for president or face extinction? Of course not, but that’s just what Albany wants to do…The state is saying to the little parties: You must pick one of the big boys or you’re gone. That is a direct violation of the parties’ First Amendment rights of freedom of association.” https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-edit-minor-parties-20201216-cfhatqmjqvhphi6gusmihg4lyi-story.html