SAM Congressional Candidate Michael Parietti Offers Voters Another Choice



Why Not Try Something New?

Rockland County resident Michael Parietti is looking for a way to end what he calls the “partisan bickering, political grandstanding and dysfunctional gridlock that has become par for the course in the United States Congress.”

Parietti is running as the SAM Party candidate in the 17th District of  NY, which includes parts of Northern Westchester and Rockland County. “I am running as a moderate, centrist, and If elected, I will remain independent and will not caucus or align myself with Democrats or Republicans,” said Parietti, a graduate of West Point who served our country in the Army Infantry from 1984 to 1989.

Parietti helped organize the county SAM Party in Rockland County into one of the most active groups, using his expereinece working on community issues for more than two decades.  “I have worked to bring together a broad coalition of people from every ethnic group, religious faith, socioeconomic class, and ideological perspective, who set aside their differences to unite behind candidates who will act in the best interest of the greater good. I’ve collaborated with people from all walks of life to foster understanding, build trust, and form consensus.

Parietti was born and raised in Rockland County. He graduated from Suffern High School, where he was a wrestling star and eagle scout. “I came from a large family, with 8 brothers and sisters,. My mother and father both worked hard. We never had much but we had what we needed, and I learned from that experience that you have to be a team player.

In the Army, Lt. Parietti served at Fort Benning GA and retired as a Captain. “In 1989, as the Berlin Wall was coming down, I decided to get out, and got into Pharmaceutical sales, where I worked as a managed care specialist and sales rep for 17 years.”

Several years ago, Parietti decided to care for his mother full time. “I had a choice, to put her in a nursing home or leave my career and be her care giver. It’s the toughest assignment I’ve ever had, but it is also the most rewarding.”

Parietti is running for Congress because “I’m the best person for the job. I’ve been involved in local politics for 18 years and I want to raise awareness of the issues  that impact our quality of life so acutely here in the lower Hudson valley; corruption, overdevelopment, housing discrimination, mortgage fraud, depletion of natural resources, abuse of social services, onerous tax burdens.”

Parietti, a former republican, found that both major parties weren’t addressing the issues in the Town of Ramapo, so he organized a coalition of residents and ran for local office several times, creating his own minor party lines to run. “I didn’t want to be beholden to the 2 major parties, because I wanted to act independently.  That led me to SAM.”

Parietti ran for the Rockland County legislature on the SAM line in 2019.  “It was a true, three way race. I finished 2nd with 26% of the vote.”

In his race for Congress to replace retiring Rep. Nita Lowey, Parietti’s major opponent is Democrat Mondaire Jones, who won the democratic primary but is viewed by many as too progressive to represent the district. “This is not a radical, left, AOC district,” said Parietti, referencing Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. “This is a moderate district and I’m the moderate candidate. I’m in this race to win it and I really think a lot of moderate democrats and independents are are looking for a better option than Mondaire Jones.”

Parietti has embraced the SAM Party and its approach, which is unique in today’s hyper-partisan world of politics. “SAM wants results over rhetoric. We do not take hard and fast positions on any given issue, rather, we commit ourselves to a problem-solving process wherein we seek input and feedback across the width and breadth of the political landscape. I will follow the same modus operandi in the halls of Congress, and will look to find allies from both sides of the aisle to  find common sense solutions.”

Parietti wants voters to know that they have a choice, other than the major two party candidates. “If voters know they have a choice, my question to open minded voters and independent voters, is why not try something new? “

SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe said, “Michael Parietti helped build SAM-NY into a party that offers voters options in 39 different elections this year. His campaign for Congress is an effort to offer voters a way out of the dysfunction we see in Albany and in Washington. We support him in that effort.”

Parietti is running on the SAM Party line, Row H, on November 3.  His campaign website is