Scott Smith Earns SAM-NY Party Line for Congress-District 18

“Send Mr. Smith to Washington”

Scott Smith, a candidate for Congress in the 18th District of New York, will appear on the SAM party line this November. The 18th Congressional District includes northern Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Southern Dutchess Counties in the Hudson Valley.

Smith, whose website,, alludes to the iconic Frank Capra movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, wants to bring common sense solutions, and an independent voice to the House of Representatives, much like Jimmy Stewart’s character in the movie.

“Scott Smith understands what more and more New Yorkers are coming to realize: that there is a need for a third party, and for representatives who support transparent and accountable government, and solving problems with facts and data. SAM believes in endorsing candidates  who will make decisions based on the needs of citizens and not the needs of party bosses. We encourage all residents in the 18-NY Congressional district to vote for Scott Smith on the SAM Party line on November 3,” said SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe.

Scott Smith is very much a regular American who wants to continue his public service and is running against the two-party monopoly in Washington that he believes no longer solves the problems of the people. “The political establishment has worked very hard to convince us that we have to choose between Republican or Democrat. The time has come to move away from both parties and begin a new day” said Smith, who is far from a career politician.

He is a middle school teacher, soccer and basketball coach, and a lifelong resident of the 18th district, who grew up in Washingtonville and has lived in Middletown and now Goshen, with his wife and three teenage children.  “My philosophy of governing is simple.  I believe in public service above self-interest.  I believe that honesty, openness, and trust are essential to good governance.  For me, the good of our country will always come first,” said Smith, who served two terms on the Middletown City Council, representing the Second Ward.

Mr. Smith has been unaffiliated to any party for his entire life, until recently, when he registered as a member of the SAM party. He supports term limits for members of Congress, and will self-impose a term limit on himself, if elected. “I will not become a lifelong politician and will, after serving, return to my career as a teacher.  I will never work as a lobbyist. I do not run to serve government, and I do not run to serve party. I run to serve you for the good of our country.”

Smith said that the latest Coronavirus troubles in our country point to a need for a non-partisan solution to the issue facing Americans today. “In government, politics has become the main event, doing the actual work is a distraction. If we don’t get past the same routine then 10 years from now there will be another pandemic threat and we’ll get to watch it all over again”

“The test of us as a nation, is not this contemporary pandemic, but rather the next one. There is something much more lethal to us all as individuals and to our nation than Mother Nature or COVID-19 . That pathogen is politics,” said Smith.

If elected, Smith would work to repatriate production of medical supplies and vaccines to the US. He is also asking “all of us who have had a decrease in commuting expenses by staying home to consider spending that money on takeout or gift certificates to support your local restaurants and cafes and small businesses. Or help someone out that you know will be economically affected by all of the closures.”

Smith has run for Congress before, as an independent in 2014, receiving 2.4% of the vote, which was more than the margin of victory between the democrat and republican candidates. But Smith is not running to be a spoiler for either major party candidate. His objective is a fair and open competition, and debate between all candidates. “I’m running to win. We the people have a House in desperate need of cleaning, and this November, voters will have an alternative to the tired two choices of the past.”

Smith is well known in the district, based his 5 decades of living in Orange county and his service to the community. Kevin Raddy, SAM-NY Orange County Chair said, “Scott Smith is a breath of fresh air in an often-toxic world of politics, where the majority of voters are tired of our broken political system. They want someone doing the people’s business and Scott exemplifies everything that so many of us want in our elected officials: Honesty, transparency, and a hardworking neighbor who will find solutions through cooperation for the greater good.”

On November 3, voters in the 18th Congressional District of NY will have the option of voting for Scott Smith, and sending Mr. Smith to Washington. To learn more about the SAM Party of NY, visit

Dan Murphy-SAM-NY Communications–914-714-4370