Scott Smith Kicks off Hudson Valley Congressional Campaign September 8

                                                                         Scott Smith

Scott Smith, the Serve America Movement (SAM) Candidate for Congress, will officially kick off his campaign, in the 18th District of NY, on September 8 at 6:00 pm. Smith, a school teacher who has lived in the district for all of his life, is offering voters another choice when they go to the polls November 3.

“If you have been seeking an alternative to the status quo, a choice other than Republican or Democrat, then I offer you such a choice. With more than one-third of the voters in the district rejecting both major party labels, the time to try something different is now,” said Smith.

Smith has called on the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce to include him in an upcoming candidate forum Oct 7 to which they have invited only the democratic and republican candidates. The Chamber denied the request writing, “—As has been our longtime policy, we have only invited the two major party candidates to our forums this year.”

Independent minded voters and SAM candidates across New York State are making the same request: Include us in the debate! “Voters deserve to hear from all candidates that qualified to be on the ballot, especially at a time when polls show so many Americans dissatisfied with the two major parties. said SAM-NY Executive Director Erik Carter.

Smith pointed out that in today’s dysfunctional, hyper-partisan world of Washington DC politics, now is the time to vote for a change.  “In government, politics has become the main event, doing the actual work is a distraction. Whether it’s the problems encountered with the roll out of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), or the lack of preparation during the Corona Virus crisis, or the civil unrest we see across our nation, these are Republican AND Democrat failures.  Both parties have so damaged the two most essential components necessary to govern, trust and integrity, that they have effectively forfeited their authority to govern.”

The SAM Party of NY has recruited candidates from all walks of life, who have stepped forward to try and solve the challenges facing our state with fact based solutions. “As voters make sure that they will be able to cast their ballot on November 3, we must also make sure that all of the voices from the candidates running for office are heard,” said SAM-NY Chair Michael Volpe.  “The SAM Party of NY is running 38 candidates for local, county, state and federal office this year. Scott Smith is one of our candidates for Congress. Voters in the 18th Congressional district in NY should be allowed to hear what Scott Smith has to offer. Change is needed now more than ever. ”

The message from Smith is simple: more voices and more options for voters is a good thing. “I do not understand why anyone, including my opponents, would endeavor to deny voters the full knowledge of the choices available to them” said Smith. My two opponents, and the political parties they serve, have failed us. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Alluding to the great American movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Smith’s website is

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