Statement by SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe on State Committee Election Results

August 8, 2020

Statement by SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe

We have finally received the official results from SAM State Committee races across New York State.  I would like to thank all SAM voters who participated on Primary Day and who put their confidence in myself and the State Committee candidates and those elected to serve on the first state committee.  We will soon have an organizational meeting to continue the fight for real change for New Yorkers.

Change is needed now more than ever.  Our democracy is being challenged each day.  Voices are stifled by partisan political hacks and alleged reformers.  First and foremost, we must fight for open, transparent access to the political ballot system and we must fight for safe, open and fair voting procedures.  The absentee ballot/mail in voting we experienced in June failed New York residents.

Two years ago, we began this journey when Stephanie Miner and I ran on a non-partisan ticket for Governor and Lt. Gov. We received more than 50,000 votes, thereby legally obtaining ballot access as a political party in New York until 2022, at least.  That ballot access is now in jeopardy, because of partisan, self-serving actions taken by the Governor and State legislature during the budget process.

Essentially, a new law attempts to remove minor parties from New York’s political landscape, an unfair result for our residents.  We are continuing the fight in federal court to challenge the unconstitutional actions of our elected officials and all developments will be provided as they occur in the weeks ahead.

I would like to congratulate all who ran in the State Committee races for SAM positions.  The uniform desire to change our political systems and to open up the political process in New York State is shared by all.  We must now work together to build our party, increase enrollment in SAM-NY, and to find candidates that support what SAM advocates: Demanding elected officials be accountable and transparent, rejecting ideological litmus tests, and fighting for real political reform.

At SAM, we are always open to new suggestions about how to build and open the party to all who really want change.  Now that our primary is over, let the work continue on fixing and replacing our broken political system.

Enjoy the rest of your summer

Michael Volpe

SAM-NY Chairman