Political Reform

Fix The Culture Of Corruption

Albany’s legacy of fraud, waste and corruption remains strong. Elected and economic development officials are clogging up New York’s court systems. 53 State elected officials, including two Governors, an Attorney General and a Comptroller, have been brought up on ethical or criminal charges since 2000, while promises of ethics reform fail to materialize.

Institutional corruption in Albany is supported through a two-party redistricting system that gerrymanders boundaries and restricts ballot access to maintain the status quo and limits choices. Voters in a functioning democracy pick their representatives, in New York, it’s the other way around. The results speak for themselves; voter turnout in New York is consistently among the lowest in the country.

The state’s ethics watchdog, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE), is overseen by the very people they are charged with keeping an eye on. It is perhaps, no surprise that JCOPE has only investigated two of the fifteen legislators indicted since 2011.

SAM NY candidates are dedicated to rooting out the bad behavior entrenched in both major parties and bringing systemic change to Albany’s culture of corruption.