SAM-NY Endorses Otis Danne for Assembly 58 th District -Brooklyn

SAM-NY, (Serve America Movement), is proud to endorse Otis Danne for Assembly in the 58th District, in the Brooklyn communities of East Flatbush, Brownsville and Canarsie. Danne, a first-time candidate, and community advocate with deep roots in his community, Is SAM-NY’s first endorsement in the 2022 election cycle.

Otis Danne has a wonderful life story about hard work and serving his community outside of politics. Born and raised in Brooklyn to Jamaican American parents, Danne’s family bought a house in Canarsie, and he graduate from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences in Sheepshead Brooklyn. After attending colleges in the area, Danne worked for McDonalds as a District Manager, and operated four stores with 60 employees. He always made sure to hire people from within the community including high school students. After 10 years at McDonalds, Otis took a position at the Our World Neighborhood Charter School, where he still works today.

Danne’s prior political activity involves working with the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club. He also worked on President Obama’s New York Campaign as a field canvasser. Recently, Danne has helped run a food pantry in the district. “There are a lot of families that can’t keep up with the high cost of food and bills because of the pandemic. I teamed up with Campaign against Hunger, and Justice and Beyond, to help.” Otis is the father of 8-year-old Chase, and is both a Christian and a democrat.

In an interview with the Canarsie Courier, Danne said, “For far too long, we have experienced politicians coming to us and promising change and a better tomorrow if we vote for them, but all too often once they use our votes to get where they want to be; they forget about us. Their priorities change and they leave us with broken promises. We do not need any more politicians pretending to represent us. We need actual change so that the next generation has it better than we did. I am Otis Danne Jr. and I am running for the New York State Assembly because I am tired of hearing statements from our politicians and their lack of solutions. We need to stop electing politicians who pretend to represent us. We need a new representative for this district, a person that is not a career politician, a person who will not ride coattails to get where they want to be. I am not going to be a leader not just for the Democrats. I will be
the representative of our district. I will work across the aisle with my colleagues to come up with solutions to our problems.”

On his website, Danne supports many of the same reforms that SAM-Ny has advocated since 2018, including term limits, expanding voting by mail, rank choice voting and non-partisan redistricting. Issues of concern to Danne include: Improving mental health services, both in our schools and on the streets in conjunction with the NYPD; support of the NYS Health Care Act, and opposing price gouging of prescription drugs by big pharma; adopting some changes to Bail and Criminal justice reform including giving judges more discretion in holding repeat offenders; and ending mayoral control of the NYC schools.

SAM-NY is proud to endorse Otis Danne for Assembly in the 58 th District. Otis is exactly the kind of elected official that we need to send to Albany. He is not a career politician but has spent most of his life working hard and by serving in his community in real ways. It’s hard to find candidates willing to run for office today. We are glad that Otis reached out to SAM because he epitomizes what we are all about. He is running for the right reasons, and we look forward to working towards his election in November.” Said SAM-NY Chair Michael Volpe.

Danne thanked SAM-NY for their endorsement. “I am thrilled to get the endorsement of the Serve America Movement, (SAM), in New York. I believe that our political system is broken and that we are polarized by the two major parties, who together are crippling our democracy. Our elected officials are unwilling to work with members of the other party. I know we can do better, and we must change. We must change the way our political system operates in New York, for the future of our children. That is why I’m running. Not to hold office and become a career politician, but to reach across the aisle and work to fix our problems in New York State. I will work with anyone, regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. And I look forward to working with SAM to find common ground, and to win in November.

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