A New Yorker’s Lesson From Georgia: Run a SAM Principled Candidate for NYC Mayor

By Michael Volpe, Chair SAM Party of New York

One thing is certain after the Presidential election, the George Senate runoff election, and recent events in Washington:  The American populace is as divided as it has ever been.  The R and D camps are as entrenched as ever.  If you disagree or push back on a traditional Democratic or Republican issue, you are not welcome in the “tent.”  This is wrong, anti-American, divisive and leads to dysfunctional government.

In 2016 a group of individuals formed the Serve America Movement (“SAM”).  SAM seeks and strives for political leadership in each state that will address problems with fact based, scientific solutions, not political agendas.  These efforts will only succeed if ballots are open to 3rd parties, money stops dominating politics and traditional top-down party platforms are dispensed with. The new SAM principled leadership will work to solve problems locally, showing the state and federal government what is best for each community.

In New York state SAM currently has political party status and we are fighting to remain on the ballots for future elections.  Why?  Because problems are not being solved and difficult financial decisions are being pushed to future generations. New York State’s Democratic Party dominance now lords over a populace desperately seeking real change in how we are governed.

All New York residents need equal access to 1) a fair and equitable justice system while keeping communities safe, 2) a public education chosen by parents and not union leaders, 3) affordable, clean and updated housing, 4) real opportunity to enjoy a good paying job, 5) safe and reliable infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers, etc.), and 6) an end to the ever-increasing Democratic solution to every problem — raising taxes.

Constantly raising taxes not only drives the wealthy away, but raising taxes constantly also drives away the middle class.  Middle class flight from New York is a real problem and Democrats led by Governor Cuomo simply avoid the issue by blaming the weather among other things. Let’s be real!  Democrats have been in power in our state for years and they have no solutions until they really address the 6 issues listed above.

Let’s start with a SAM principled candidate in the race for the NYC Mayor. The current slate of the usual, possible candidates talk in platitudes, offer nothing for residents, are beholden to party leaders and have offered no real solutions to the biggest issue — rebuilding the decimated NYC economy after the deadly and devastating pandemic.

Why not waive taxes on small businesses (grossing less than $2.5M) for the next 3 years?

Why not offer tax incentives to new business owners by waiving formation fees?

Why not offer a tax credit to any business that will train and employ interns, apprentices, or younger employees?

Why not give tax and rent credits to employers who hire new high school and college graduates?

Why not issue free mass transportation cards to employees who earn less than $20 per hour?

We need solutions and SAM can provide them to you!

Michael Volpe, SAM-NY Chair