SAM NY Nominates Vincent Rua for Mayor of Kingston

Rua To Appear On SAM Ballot Line For November 5th General Election

SAM NY Chairman Michael J. Volpe today announced the nomination of Vincent Rua for Mayor of Kingston. Created through the support of New York State voters in the 2018, The SAM Party of NY is focused on supporting candidates who are seeking to move beyond partisan divisions and building a thriving, inclusive future for all New Yorkers.

“The only thing that stands out more than Vince’s deep commitment to the City of Kingston is his focus on getting the best results possible for its people,” said SAM Party of NY Chair Michael Volpe. “We are honored to nominate an individual who is dedicated to bringing Kingston together to solve problems and usher in an era of growth everyone can enjoy.”

“Kingston needs a leader committed to ensuring our residents have access to good jobs and homes they can afford, while keeping an eye on the bottom line to make sure resources are used wisely. I believe I am that leader,” said SAM Party of NY Candidate for Mayor Vincent Rua. “I am Kingston born and bred, and the lessons instilled in me by this community have helped make my career in the private sector a success. It is time for me to bring those experiences to the office of Mayor and to help the community that has given me so much.”

The SAM Party of NY is the newest official political party in New York, and is working locally, starting in communities across all regions of New York to build an inclusive movement that emphasizes results over rhetoric. SAM’s goal is to put partisanship aside, listen to residents, and address the everyday problems we face without pitting one part of the state against another.

“I am honored that the SAM Party of NY has offered me their ballot line for the general election on June 5th,” said Rua. “Having the SAM line gives me the freedom to work with all elected officials and community members regardless of political affiliation and focus on getting results for all Kingstonians.”

Voters interested in a new approach to solving problems can change their registration of elections office or any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act to enroll in the SAM Party of NY or change their party registration. For more information on the SAM Party of NY, visit