SAM-NY Statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation

August 10, 2021

SAM-NY Chairman Michael Volpe issued the following statement:

On August 3, SAM-NY called for the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo following the release of the report from the New York Attorney General which affirmed credible and detailed allegations of unlawful sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by the Governor and his cronies.

Today’s resignation comes at least 7 days too late.  Andrew Cuomo should have resigned when the allegations came to light, but certainly after the report validated the allegations made against him. His unlawful, retaliatory behavior is unconscionable.

SAM-NY stands with the 11 women who came forward to detail the unacceptable behavior that they had to endure from the former Governor.  To think that this behavior is acceptable as a “generational thing”, proves how out of touch with reality Cuomo had become.

At SAM-NY, we hope that the next Governor is focused on what SAM-NY has been focused on since 2018, when we obtained ballot status:

  • Accountability to the voters through dialogue, town halls, communications and accurate reporting.
  • Transparency on all issues — full and complete openness allowing every New Yorker to have easy access to information that our elected leaders have.
  • Problem solving based on facts and science and not on one political party’s beliefs or the whims of monied interests; and
  • Reform to allow all voices to be heard.

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