SAM Party of New York Endorses Jim Smith for New Castle Town Supervisor, Lauren Levin and Sean Maraynes for New Castle Town Board

SAM NY Chairman Michael J. Volpe today announced the endorsement of Jim Smith for New Castle Town Supervisor and Lauren Levin and Sean Maraynes for New Castle Town Board. Created in 2018 through the support of New York State voters, the SAM Party of NY is focused on supporting candidates who are seeking to move beyond partisan divisions and building a thriving, inclusive future for all New Yorkers.

“Jim, Lauren and Sean’s steadfast commitment to uniting New Castle residents to build solutions to everyday problems is exactly how SAM believes local government should aim to serve constituents across New York State,” said SAM Party of NY Chair Michael Volpe.  “We are honored to endorse three individuals who are dedicated to bringing their community together to produce results that everyone can enjoy, and we encourage all residents of New Castle to vote Smith, Levin and Maraynes on Row H this November 5th.”

“Our slate has been very clear from the outset: we believe New Castle residents are served best by a non-partisan, community first approach to government.   It is for this reason we are extremely proud to have the support of the SAM Party, a party that recognizes the importance of inclusiveness and problem solving over politics,” said New Castle Town Supervisor candidate Jim Smith. “We look forward to working with SAM NY and demonstrating on November 5th that bringing residents together, listening to their diverse viewpoints, and bringing a results-oriented mindset is the best way forward for New Castle.”

The SAM Party of NY is the newest official political party in New York, and is working locally, starting in communities across all regions of New York to build an inclusive movement that emphasizes results over rhetoric. SAM’s goal is to put partisanship aside, listen to residents, and address the everyday problems we face without pitting one part of the state against another.

“We are honored that the SAM Party of NY is supporting our campaign with their ballot line in the November 5th Town election,” said New Castle Town Board Candidate Lauren Levin. “We believe what SAM stands for is exactly what the vast majority of the voters we have been speaking with are calling for in politics today.”

Town Board candidate Sean Maraynes added, “We are excited to talk to more residents about SAM and our slate of candidates because we believe that together, we represent the right choice for finding common ground and addressing the local issues our community faces.”

Voters interested in a new approach to solving problems can change their registration of elections office or any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act to enroll in the SAM Party of NY or change their party registration. For more information on the SAM Party of NY, visit