SAM Party Of New York Endorses Madigan and Dalton in Saratoga Springs

SAM Party Of New York Endorses Madigan and Dalton in Saratoga Springs

SAM Party Nominates Michele Madigan for Commissioner of Finance and Robin Dalton for Public Safety Commissioner

October 8, 2019 — SAM Party of New York Chairman Michael Volpe today announced the nominations of two candidates for office in Saratoga Springs. Incumbent Michele Madigan has been nominated for Commissioner of Finance and Robin Dalton has been nominated for Public Safety Commissioner. They will both appear on the SAM Party ballot line in this Fall’s election.

“Michele Madigan and Robin Dalton have a record of accomplishment in Saratoga Springs and believe in the principle of working with others regardless of political affiliation in order to get results for their communities,” said SAM Party of New York Chair Michael Volpe. “These individuals are highly qualified for the offices they seek. We are proud to endorse these candidates and encourage residents to vote for them on the SAM Party line on November 5th.”

“The city’s money comes from hard-working Saratogians and must be managed wisely, with planning and careful oversight. As Finance Commissioner, I successfully proposed seven city budgets with no property tax increase, while enhancing essential city services, and planning for our future,” said Commissioner of Finance candidate Michele Madigan. “I am proud to be nominated by the SAM Party, who emphasize responsible fiscal stewardship and long-term planning based on a strong record of achievement, not rhetoric.”

“I’m committed to a bi-partisan approach to serving on the city council and representing all of the constituents in Saratoga Springs to the best of my ability,” said Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton. “I am honored to accept the SAM Party nomination and I look forward to promoting its message of good government and transparency on our way to victory on November 5th.”

Madigan and Dalton are part of a wave of residents who are looking for a way to break through partisan politics and end the stranglehold of the two-party system. The SAM Party of New York was founded to support candidates who are involved in their local communities and getting things done. The SAM Party interviewed more than 200 candidates across New York State interested in running on the SAM Party line and promoting SAM’s principles of good government, transparency, and engaging residents to build solutions that work.


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