A Message from Chairman Michael Volpe, SAM -NY

Greetings from the SAM Party of New York.  We wish you all the best in 2020 and beyond!!

SAM achieved party status in New York in 2018.  Last year, we had over 100 candidates on SAM’s line in elections across the state and OVER 50 WON THEIR ELECTIONS.  While many were fusion candidates, the word is out – the SAM Party is a force to be reckoned because of its commitment to serving citizens and solving problems!!

Together, we must continue the fight for clear, radical changes and new directions in the way our state and its politicians serve residents and solve the many problems we encounter each day.  In the coming years we must address, among other issues:

The lack of affordability and the desertion of New York by long-time residents;

The underperforming education system and lack of opportunity for our children and youth;

The ever rising health care costs issues that come without better services;

The aging and failing local infrastructure – roads, bridges and tunnels — that have been neglected and are now unsafe; and

The lack of a clear and concise environmental policy that can be followed on a state, regional and local level to make our residents safe for years to come.

SAM presents a new alternative to political parties.  We believe in local, grass roots, bottom-up problem solving as opposed to the traditional top down — our way or the highway — approach to political parties and platforms.  SAM believes that problems get solved with data and facts and not by beliefs and litmus tests of politicians and their parties.  Process and transparency are the keys.  We want to continue to grow our party and work together!  Watch the video this video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96cjh6b01Pc. — to learn more about this approach.

We need your help in three areas.

First, sign up and register as a SAM party member.  The New York State voter registration form is attached. Send yours in today and get your friends and family to send theirs in ASAP.  Declare your independence from the broken system we now have; Join SAM and register online here-https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application. February 14, 2020 is the deadline in New York State to change your party registration.

Next, read the attached lawsuit, share this filing with friends, colleagues and family and please spread the word that incumbent politicians in New York do one thing very well – they protect themselves before serving their constituents – they put themselves before YOU!.  SAM had to sue Governor Cuomo, the leaders of the NY Senate and Assembly and others to keep our ballot status.  These leaders (?) unlawfully changed the election laws to prevent minor parties from participating in our democracy and making a difference in the lives of New York residents!!

Finally, consider making donation to our efforts.  We are a grass roots organization that needs your support to continue this fight for change!!  Go to our website and make a donation today: https://secure.anedot.com/sam-ny/victory?source_code=navbar&amount=25&_ga=2.73271189.704896227.1579302094-445824244.1578500463.

Visit our website at joinsamny.org to learn more about SAM and email  us at info@joinsamny.org to be placed our email list.