“Hey Governor, What Are You Afraid of?” 

A weekly newspaper in Westchester County, NY, Soundview Rising, received this letter to the editor responding to a story that the paper printed concerning SAM-NY’s lawsuit against the recently passed NY State Ballot Access Law.
“I enjoy reading your newspaper because I read things I can’t find elsewhere. I especially enjoyed your recent story on the SAM-NY Party suing the governor over the attempt to silence minor parties, and that is the reason for this letter. I learned a little bit about the SAM-NY Party on WVOX Radio, when I heard John Verni talk about it.
“One thing stuck in my mind from his comments. “We should be encouraging many voices in our democracy, not fewer voices,” said Verni. And I wonder about all of the other minor parties in New York State – like the Women’s Equality Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, just to name a few. What will happen to those parties? And most of all, the Working Families Party, which is how all of this nonsense started when they decided to endorse Cynthia Nixon over Cuomo for governor in 2018.
“According to published reports back then, Cuomo was so enraged that he wanted to kill the Working Families Party. As a result, the “commission” that the Governor set up helped pass a law that will likely end the Working Families Party in our state, but also the other minor parties listed above, including the new SAM-NY Party. Was that the intention of the Commission? Was that the intention of the governor?
“Can I remind the governor that he won re-election in 2018 with 60 percent of the vote, including 1.5 percent on the Working Families Party line, and 1 percent on the Independence Party line and 1 percent on the Women’s Equality Party line. The Working Families Party eventually gave their line to Cuomo after Nixon lost the democratic primary to Cuomo. Even after caving into Cuomo and giving him their line, the governor still would not forgive and got the commission to kill all of the minor parties.
“But I ask you, governor: What about the Women’s Equality Party? Do you want that party dead? I wonder what your democratic colleagues think about that. I will try to ask my democratic Assembly member and senator, and will ask them to answer the following: What is Gov. Cuomo afraid of?” writes Valerie Watkins, New Rochelle, NY and reprinted with her permission.