SAM-NY Endorses Cindy Wade for Assembly 131st District

“Honesty, Integrity and doing what’s right regardless of politics”

SAM-NY Party Chairman Michael Volpe announced that Cindy Wade has received the SAM party nomination for NY Assembly -131st District.  Wade has embraced SAM’s principles of working together to get results for her community.

“Cindy Wade brings more than a decade of public service experience to this election, where her primary focus has been to serve the residents of her community regardless of political party. She is also not afraid to speak up and speak out for data driven solutions to our problems in Albany. Now more than ever, we need someone like Cindy Wade in Albany, and I encourage all voters in the 131st District to vote for her on the SAM Party line November 3,” said Volpe.

Wade brings to the race a combination of public service experience, having served four terms on the Canandaigua City Councilwoman, with business experience, she is currently working for IRI Worldwide as a business-sales consultant.  “I have no political agenda and I don’t care what political party you come from. I want to go to Albany because I believe in this district and the people here. I have lived my life and participated in politics locally based on honesty, integrity and doing what is right regardless of politics. People should be voting based on facts and data, and that is what my career in local government has been about.”

Wade is known as a ‘scrappy’ local leader who believes that political parties like SAM play an important role in New York government. “The Governor wants to get rid of parties like SAM. It is one of many things that are not right in Albany. He does not want people to have a choice.”

Controlling taxes and spending is the #1 issue in Wade’s campaign. “In my eight years on the council we never went over the tax cap and kept the increase around 1%. I have always a bulldog when it comes to budgets and taxes and have been creative in finding efficiencies in government to save taxpayer dollars. We need that in Albany.”

Wade said another issue in her Assembly race is bail reform. “They decided to pass this without doing any of the research, or risk analysis or impact determination. They made some changes recently, but it needs more work.”

Wade added that the “Green Light Law,” which gives undocumented residents the right to obtain driver’s licenses in NY, is another issue voters are talking about. “County Clerks across the state have sued, claiming that this law is unconstitutional and is just a ploy to get more votes.”

Wade supports term limits, “I always think it’s good to get fresh ideas in there and not get too comfortable,” and comes from a family of public service: Her father Boyd Patterson, served as Canandaigua Supervisor. “My dad always said don’t complain- do something about it, so I’m doing something about it.”

SAM-NY Monroe County Leader Joan Aiello said, “Cindy Wade believes strongly in fiscal responsibility.  During her career, she has focused on project management, problem solving, and an ability to work across party lines- skills desperately needed in Albany.”

The 131st Assembly District includes all of Ontario County, and northern Seneca County in the finger lakes region.  For more information about SAM visit,

Contact: Dan Murphy, SAM-NY Communications 914-714-4370