SAM NY Interviewing Candidates for 2020 Endorsement

The SAM-NY Party announced that it is interviewing candidates for local, county, state and federal offices for the November 3, 2020 election. Last year SAM-NY endorsed 102 candidates for office across New York State, with 51 SAM endorsed candidates winning their election. In 14 races, the SAM Party represented the alternative party of choice, and in seven races it carried more votes than at least one of the two traditional parties.

Candidates will be interviewed by a SAM-NY county committee, who will then forward the nomination to the SAM-NY State Screening Committee. “There is a real interest coming from candidates across the State in running a different kind of campaign, that comes with a more independent promise to voters,” said SAM Party of New York Chair Michael Volpe. “Last year, we had SAM Party nominees, who ran on a message of putting people, and not party loyalty, first. We look forward to an even stronger response from voters in 2020.”

Candidates interested in seeking the SAM-NY nomination should email

Dan Murphy-SAM-NY Communications -914-714-4370