“The State of Our Union is Dysfunctional”-SAM Offers Another Way


President Donald Trump delivered his 4th State of the Union address on February 4. During his address, the President refused to shake the hand of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. After the speech, Speaker Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech for all the world to see. According to media reports, President Trump and Speaker Pelosi have not spoken to each other since October 2019.

After the speech, the headlines from two media sites representing the political extremes in American politics today, were the same: The State of Our Union is Dysfunctional. The Huffington Post and Newsmax both had the same headline but blamed the other side for the dysfunction.  On both sides of the aisle, there is praise for the President and shame for Pelosi to the right, and praise for Pelosi and shame on the President to the left.

If anything, the State of the Union showed how deeply divided we are as a country. But what about the 41% of Americans who identify as Independent? Where do we fit into the puzzle of American politics in the 21st Century?

One political party is trying to offer solutions and work together. The  SAM (Serve America Movement) party is made up of former republicans, democrats and independents who are fed up and exhausted with the political drama .

Mike Volpe is the SAM Chair in New York State. Volpe, a former republican and the former Mayor of Pelham, NY, ran on a fusion ticket with democrat Stephanie Miner, the former Mayor of Syracuse, for Governor and Lt. Gov. in 2018. “There are no solutions offered to the problems we face from either party. Our taxes keep going up, our education funding is a problem and the states are bankrupt. SAM offers solutions, we are trying to get the best people to serve. With SAM, it’s the people over party,” said Volpe.

The Miner-Volpe ticket got more than 50,000 votes in the election of 2018, which enabled SAM to remain a political party in NY with automatic ballot status through 2022.  That was until late last year, when a commission made up of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hand-picked members passed a law that makes it much harder for minor parties to continue to appear on the ballot.

The new “ballot access law” requires all political parties in NY to field a candidate for President and receive 130,000 votes in the upcoming election this November 2020 in order to keep our ballot line. SAM NY believes that this law is unconstitutional, and sued the Governor, state legislature and Board of Elections in Federal Court on Jan. 14. Learn more about this lawsuit at joinsamny.org.

SAM in active in New York, Connecticut and Colorado. “Our goal is to have an independent third-party choice for voters in each state. We believe there is a sweet spot in the middle,” said Volpe.

Help us find that sweet spot in American politics. Join a party that is working to address the issues of fixing the culture of corruption, the high cost of living, reducing the cost of healthcare, and to reduce our debts for future generations. And help us try to end the dysfunction we see in Washington DC, and in State capitals across the country.

Learn more at joinsamny.org or email us at info@joinsamny.org  to find out how to register as a SAM voter.